The family members of permanent residents of Australia or the Australian citizens would like to reunite with their family members. These are considered as family members.

  • Partner – married , fiancé, de facto partners.(Details provide under Partner Visa)
  • Parent – can migrate if the child is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.(Details provide under Parents Visa)
  • Child(subclass 101) – can be own, adopted child or dependant orphan.
This visa is a permanent visa that allows a child to travel to and remain in Australia, with their parent who is also their sponsor. The parent must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

The parent acts as a sponsor for the child and can lodge the visa application on behalf of the child. This visa is for a child under 25 years of age who wants to migrate to Australia. There is an application charge for this visa. This will usually not be refunded if the application is unsuccessful, or if the applicant decides to withdraw the application after lodging it.
Other family members – aged relatives depending on permanent resident or citizen of Australia

Visa Fee : AUD 2060